Things to Consider After Operation

Requests and recommendations after FUE -Implanter pen are as follows:

(All medicines, lotions and shampoos you will use after the procedure will be given to you.) First 3 days:

1- At the end of the process, you will wear a hat for camouflage and protection. Remove the hat when you reach your destination.

2- On the first day, make sure that the areas where sowing is not touched.

3- On the first night, you can lie on the area where the hair is taken.

4- The next day when you go out, you can wear your hat if you wish.

5- No special care and protection is required on the area where the hair is taken. The bandage on the next day will be taken.

6- In the first 3 days, you should use the painkiller and edema reducing drugs 2 times a day.

7 – Some people may have eye contour and mild swelling (edema). This will take place within 2-3 days.

8- You can do your normal daily activities from the next day. You can travel by plane or other means.

9- Sexual activity is free after 3 days of hair transplantation.

10- Exercise and sports, such as tiring activities can begin after 30 days.

Washing of hair (starting on day 1):

1- On the 1st day after the procedure, you can do your first hair wash. The purpose of washing is to clean the crusts and clots in the sowing area.

2- Applying softening and moisturizing lotion to the sowing area before washing, 45 min. You waited. Then wash all your hair and lotion with shampoo and shower water.

Softening Lotion and Shampoo will be recommended to you.

3- Use warm water in the bathroom. Adjust the shower water pressure to a low level.

4- According to your social habits, you can wash your hair once or twice a day. During the first week, before each bath, the lotion of the softening lotion in the sowing area is 45 min. You waited.

5- 2 days after the first wash, begin to gently clean the shells and clots in the planting area with your fingertips during the bath.

6- In later baths, you can slightly increase the pressure of massage and cleaning with your fingertip.

7 – 7-10 days after the start of washing, the crust and clots in the receiving area should be cleaned.

8- If at the end of this period, if there is still a shell attached to the head, allow it to separate spontaneously.

9- You can wash the hair from the first bath freely with shampoo. After washing you can apply a moisturizing cream.

10- We ask you to be protected from exposure to extreme heat, such as direct sunlight and sauna for the first 1 month.

11- If you want, you can use a hat while traveling outside.

The recovery period of the areas where the hair is transplanted and transplanted after the implantation of the implant hair is 1-2 days. One week after the cleaning is over, others don’t understand that you have a hair transplant.

Long term follow up:

1- In the first month your planting can start to spill.

2- In this period, the hair follicle cells are completely kept under the skin and are alive.

The hair roots go into the resting phase which will take 3-4 months after transplantation. At the end of this period your new hair will be released permanently and approximately 1 cm per month. it will grow quickly.

3- You will see that your hair starts to reappear after about 5 months.

4- Your first hair may be slightly thin and weak, curly. It will thicken and flatten.

5- If you wish, you can correct your hair with scissors after 5-6 months. After one year, you can be shaved with a haircut machine. (shave with only scissors for the first 1 year)

After the elongation and thickening of the hair, the expected result of hair transplantation occurs after 9 months.

At the end of this period, we will be pleased to come to you for inspection or send your picture.