Beard is an important structure in the quality of an accessory that completes the image of a man. and cosmetically unacceptable.

Among the main causes of beard tissue cancellation of many thyroid diseases system diseases burns dovmeler infectonons repetitive muscle intake can be counted as the birth of the beard as a result of the beards completely absent, thin, missing or scar can be divided by.

Beard cultivation or correction is very similar to the methods of sheet sowing. The beard is separated from the side of the sheet by itself.


beard-shaped in different parts of the different direction is true to the ear to the speed of the speed of the assa yonde cene under the direction of the opposite to the opposite to the right out of the direction of the opposite up to true.

Another important difference is that the follicles of the sheet follicles do not separate into the axle of each other.

In addition, the bristle structures show thicker places with the presence of keratin deficiency. The coke structure is closer to the surface than the slag.

Beard Cultivation Technique

The most important issue in beard cultivation is to preserve the original beard shape which is as low as it is to apply the natural skin. If the follicular structure should be placed on the skin with the closest pain in the skin, it should be noted whether the follicle structure is curly or flat.

If you need to summarize:

  1. In order to avoid fragmentation of the grafts, the root direction should be carefully determined.
  2. single-haired grafts used
  3. the hair curves are arranged to give the natural curl
  4. should be placed at the lowest possible angle.
  5. natural beard exit directions and numerical distribution should be paid much attention