Butt Aesthetics
Popo aesthetics has been considered as a genetic heritage until 10 years ago, but nowadays you can reach the butt of celebrities with a 2-hour operation. Fat tissue taken from the ridge and belly, you can get rid of the fat here with these oils and you can also have new and attractive hips.

Why should you do Butt Aesthetics?
After the pregnancy and / or excess weight after giving and changing the rate of fat distribution in our body may experience problems with sagging or lubrication. This view that you don’t like can affect your success in everyday life by making you psychologically uneasy. In the world nowadays, the most recent and most frequent operations, butt oil injection is also increasing in our country. Most of the fats injected into the butt live here because of the presence of stem cells and living cells in this fat. In addition, there is no risk of rejecting the body because the person has his / her fat cells.

Operation Process
The operation lasts for an average of 2 hours and stays overnight in the hospital. We recommend that you do not sit on it if you are not forced to fat on the butt after the operation.

Recovery Process
Although the healing process varies from person to person, we wear a special corset after the operation. These corsets should be worn for 3 weeks if possible. The purpose of these special corses is to protect the body in the same form.

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