Cheeks are one of the most important parts of the face. In young ages, the full and cheeky cheeks appear dimmer and dimmer as they age. In some people, the cheeks are overly slumped and flat, while in others they are overpuffed, chubby and swollen, which are not very desirable. Cheek aesthetics are important here.

Cheek Extreme Tomeness
Usually in young people, cheeks are sometimes overly swollen. Stretched cheek is an indicator of youth; but if the quantity is too much, it causes some people to look overweight even if they are not overweight. With a simple intervention, some fat tissue is taken from the middle of the cheek. The intervention is very easy and does not prevent return to work the next day. By reducing the cheeks, the cheekbones and the jaw become clear. A pitting is provided starting from the ear to the mouth corner. As seen in many famous photomodels, this area of ​​the face is the most important criterion of the beauty of the face. Starting from the upper part of the face, plump and dislocated cheekbones, under the hollow middle part and at the bottom dislocated jaw edges, is very important to provide the ideal ratio of facial beauty.

Cheek Bump and Droop
There are many fillers used to plump cheeks at a young age; but it is not as effective and permanent as any texture cocktail. Sometimes it may be necessary to apply two or three sessions.

The removal of cheeks and middle face in advanced ages is now mandatory for treatment. If these fillers are used after 45-50 years of age, the face and swelling of the face as a result of swelling of the face, natural and non-anatomical, aesthetic appearance creates an abnormal image. Nowadays, many doctors who are not plastic surgeons and who are engaged in aesthetics continue to fill these perspirations by convincing the patients or scaring about the surgery because they cannot perform surgery. As a result, the faces appear to be different from any form of abnormal aesthetic intervention.

Thanks to advancing surgical techniques and optical systems, these operations can be performed with minimally invasive endoscopy (closed system) with minimal incision. In the mid-face rejuvenation, as a result of the endoscopic lifting of the cheeks, not only the cheek but also the detoxification tissue is corrected, so a natural and normal appearance is formed. This is one of the most effective treatment methods after 45 years and has a very lasting effect in years.

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