Eyebrow Treatment and Correction

Eyebrows are the basic elements that define how we look. Our eyebrows are more important for most of us than our hair. Our eyebrows, located in the middle of our face, express our facial expressions, the loss of the hair loss is not natural and cosmetically unacceptable. it may be missing or divided by scar. Eyebrow correction is very similar to hair transplantation methods. Eyebrows sown in suitable candidates are permanent. the hair is separated from the hair of this point at a point.

Anatomy and Physiology of Eyebrow

The shape of the eyebrows is different in different sections in different directions. This transverse overlap in the middle part of the eyebrow and creates a natural hill view.

The upper part hairs are gradually becoming thinner and sharp, and the eyebrow feature is attached to the skin at a very sharp angle. Therefore, the same number of folic acid (coke) gives a darker picture than hair. The third important difference is that, unlike sheet follicles, they contain a single bristle that does not contain multiple bristles. The fourth important difference is the length of the hair and the life span is very short compared to the hair lengths generally 0.5 – 1.5 cm remain around the main gene phases (reproduction) 4 months in the sheets, this period is between 3 and 7 years

Eyebrow Treatment Technique

The most important issue in eyebrow suture is to preserve the original eyebrow shape as much as it is to apply the natural outflow side because it can cause a significant change in facial expression. It should be. If the grafts to be placed should be placed at the closest angle to the skin, it should be taken into account that the sheet structure of the patient is curly or flat, and the direction of the grafts should be arranged to give the natural fold of the eyebrow during insertion. to summarize.

  • Single bristle grafts used
  • Giving the natural curvature of the case
  • It should be placed at the lowest possible angle.
  • Natural eyebrow removal and numerical distributions


Although the eyebrow transplantation is safe and special surgery, there are some things to consider before entering such an operation.

  • The hair removed from the hair region will continue to grow and the hair will continue to grow at a certain length will not need to be checked at certain intervals will need to care.
  • Unlike hair transplantation, eyebrows are thinner, however, the amount of blushing and swelling will be observed in the operation area, no matter how diligently done, so the duration of the healing period (5-7 days) is similar to the spectacle and so on. you will need to use
  • Even the grafts sown with the closest pain to the skin with the current technology will not be adhered to the skin as natural eyebrows, so they can be angled slightly (5 degrees). However, this can be camouflaged by scanning.
  • The grafts can be different structure and color, but they can adapt to the eyebrow area in time and these differences can be eliminated by scanning and painting processes.

NOTE: It should be noted that a full result will take 1 year to be received. parts that are observed to be missing during this period can be repaired or over-corrected by eyebrow removal methods