The eyelids consist of skin, muscle and fat layers. Due to the influence of environmental factors such as genetic factors, age and sunlight, the eyelid skin loses its elasticity and relaxes. The muscle layer under the skin also relaxes and begins to fall and fall with the effect of gravity. Fat pads, which have a deeper depth and which normally lend the eyelids a fuller and lively appearance, also begin to heal. Thus, sagging and bagging occurs in the eyelids.

If there is a fall in the eyebrows, the excess skin in the upper eyelids becomes even more pronounced. Makeup on the eyelid disappears below the excess skin fold. In advanced cases, redundancy in the upper eyelid may reach dimensions that make it difficult to see.

Eyelid Aesthetics How?
Eyelid aesthetics are usually performed under local anesthesia and when the person is in deep sleep, but general anesthesia may be preferred when necessary. The skin incisions are designed to fit the cover fold for the upper lid, while the incisions made under the eyelashes are immediately used on the lower lid, so that the marks are undetected. In cases where there is no excess skin and only the bagging is to be corrected, the aesthetics of the bag aesthetics or the removal of the bag from the eyelid can be performed without any trace with the incisions to be made on the inner side of the lower lid. Your surgeon will enlighten you for the exact certainty that is appropriate for you. Although the operating times may vary, both sides are 2.5 hours for the upper and lower covers, and 1.5 hours for the upper or lower covers.

Eyelid Aesthetics – After Blepharoplasty
After the operation, thin tapes are adhered to the incision line and dressed with moist cotton or gauze around the eyelids. In the postoperative period, ice application around the eyes is very important in order to reduce bruising and swelling. During this time, it is necessary to keep the head high and avoid heavy physical activities especially for the first day. Depending on the type of anesthesia taken, you can return home 3-4 hours after the intervention. If you do not use fusible stitches when closing the cuts on the lid, your sutures will be removed after 5-7 days postoperatively. Especially in the early postoperative period, the feeling of sticking in the eyes and tightness of the lids is quite normal. If necessary, your physician may ask you to use pomat and / or drops to moisturize your eyes and protect them from infection. Again, in this period, if the bruises around the eyes, if possible, as much as possible to avoid sunlight.

Depending on the technique we use, a large part of the patients do not have bruising after the operation, but in a small group, most of the swellings and bruises usually pass at the end of the first week. After this period, people using camouflage makeup and sunglasses can return to normal work and social life. Depending on your body’s response to the operation, differences in your healing process, and the characteristics of your work and social life, you can return to your normal life earlier. Considering that the above-mentioned criteria will change from person to person, it should be kept in mind that these processes may be different for each patient.

Can Almond Eye Appearance be Provided with Eyelid Aesthetics?
During the eyelid aesthetics it is possible to change the axial aspect of the eye opening and thus obtain a light ın slanted eye sırasında appearance which is considered more attractive by some people.

Why Is Eyelid Aesthetics Important?
There are three things that aesthetic procedures and aesthetic practices generally aim at. The patient is able to feel better and communicate more effectively and with the help of functional disorders, to eliminate aesthetic problems, and to eliminate the deformation that occurs with aging. Because the eyelid that has been falling over the eye over time, can cause loss of function by damaging the visual function, it also causes a great blow to communication by showing the person tired and reluctant. It is also one of the most effective ways of getting the low eyelid back to youth appearance, which is seen as one of the signs of aging.

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