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Do you know why we have full lips? Because lips and lips are not only a symbol of beauty, but also an essential part of youth, attractiveness, fertility, sexiness, femininity and most importantly beauty. One of the most important complementary elements of facial beauty is that the lips are beautiful, which is very important for completing the integrity of the face. The size, fullness, thinness or thickness of the lips should be compatible and proportionate to the nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, jaws and teeth. Thick and plump lips are the expression of youth as well as the thin and thin lips are the expression of old age. Lips are very important in the aesthetic appearance of the face. For this reason, lips appear alive and full, strengthens the expression of youth and health in our face.

Lips are innate in some of them, ie familial and uncertain. In some of them depending on the aging of the tissue melts and wrinkles to lose the fullness and resurrection. Decrease in brittleness and fullness of the tissues is the result of reduction and melting of skin, muscle and fat. Facial skin and other structures, however, hang down with gravity on the cheeks, neck skin, eyelids, eyebrows, and of course lips. The lower teeth become visible when they laugh and talk in such patients with the sagging of the lips, which is the expression of old teeth. On the contrary, in young people, the upper teeth are more visible and the lower teeth are invisible. This is the expression of the young face.

Lip aesthetics are preferred by those who want to strengthen their expression of youth and beauty on their face with thick and full lips, or those who want to have a deeper and full lips. Thin and wrinkled lips, as well as patients with black lips, such as lips in patients with thicker than normal thinning operations are also done. In addition, patients who have to have a portion of their lips due to lip cancer also have surgery to make lip again, which is important in terms of function as well as aesthetics.

How to?
1. Filling the Patient’s Own Tissues

Fat Cells
The fat cells taken from the patient’s body are carefully processed and injected into the lips and, if necessary, in other wrinkles. 20-30% of the cells placed in 3-6 months are left behind. When the process is repeated several times, an effective lip thickening can be achieved. There is no harm like allergies etc .. does not contain risks. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The swellings pass in a few days. It is an extremely easy application. It is very effective in situations requiring excessive fullness.

Skin Cells
The subcutaneous tissue and fat cells taken from the skin of the patient from the patient’s body, for example, the scar on the abdomen or breast reduction surgery, or scar tissue that has previously been left in the body, are mixed and injected into the lips in the form of tissue cocktails. This method requires the cells to be replicated 2-3 times because they are partially melted. It is harmless and one of the best methods. There is no risk of allergy.

2. Forming Lips with Surgery
Seagull wing technique: The purpose is to extend the lip by moving the edge of the lip upwards. The top is made of the upper lip edge and the upper part of the lip to be raised. This technique is a perfect solution for patients who have very thin lips and very wrinkled lip edges. The result is permanent.

Removal of bull’s horn or lip under the nose: The lower edge of the nose is cut in the form of a bull horn according to the curves and some skin is removed. A thin incision sign remains under the nose. This technique is also used to shorten this distance in patients with large upper lip skin. This ensures that the upper teeth are visible. The result is permanent.

Paris lip: The lip edges and the lip on the upper lip, called the filterum, are the name given to the lip made by the fillers or fat cells of the edges of the cup, under the nose.

V-Y technique: The upper and lower lips are cut into the shape of a V-shaped incision and then the Y-shaped lips are plumped. The result is permanent. Constant.

Lip Hanging: After passing through a small incision through the nose, the sutures are connected to the lips and the lip is lifted upwards. No visible traces. It is a very effective method.

Lip aesthetics, which is one of the most important factors for completing the percentage integrity, is very popular due to the effective results and simple application methods.

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