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Over time, due to the progression of age and the effect of gravity, all the tissues, such as the neck or the skin in the region we call the skin and fat tissue underneath take a drooping look. Weight gain is very effective in this, but the biggest factor is aging. It is one of the factors that increases the appearance of old age. In addition, the muscles found here are deformed and hanging down, which is called the image of the turkey neck. This is not very popular.

What is Neck Aesthetics?
The neck stretching aesthetics are designed to give a more aesthetic appearance to the neck, to ensure better contours of the neck, to remove the dangling skin and muscles, to reduce wrinkles, to provide a younger and better appearance by removing excess fat. It makes the person look old and tired, and makes the fat look fatter than it is. In some patients, the neck and gout area may be overly oily, although there is no body obesity. In this case, it causes the patient to appear more overweight than it is or even the age of the patient.

It is possible to get rid of the neck by stretching (tickling) or the medical name necklift, cervicoplasty.

Where are the neck and girt aesthetics done?
It is more accurate to classify neck and girth sagging by age groups.

Youth …

  • Often sagging due to excess weight ..
  • Structural (genetic) only in that region due to the lubrication of sagging.
  • Since the jawbone is small, the jaw tip is behind and the food sags and oily appearance.
  • When the neck is short Boy

in advanced ages….

  • Fat fat appearance again due to excess weight ..
  • Only skin sagging.
  • Skin and muscles deformed and sagging ..
  • Together with muscle, skin and excess fat skin

How to?
In cases where weight is excess, local liposuction is performed if the patient is younger. Excess fats are removed and the food is saved from the dangling oil. Of course, the skin should be good for the skin elasticity of the patient should be particularly young.

If accompanied by sagging skin and muscles, it usually occurs in later ages. In this case, it is necessary to take both the fat and the muscles, as well as stretch the excess skin.

When the chin tip is small, a small prosthesis is placed at the jaw tip to produce an incredibly good image. Both tick and neck tighten and jaw projection increases because the facial provides aesthetic facial improvement. This method, which is frequently used in profile correction surgeries called as profiloplasty, which intervenes in both the nose surgery and the jaw tip, is effective even in the face and neck esthetics and sometimes even in the lower face stretch. In other words, it contributes to both aesthetics and facial aesthetics.

Surgical intervention is often done under the tip of the jaw naturally occurring in the line and behind the ear. Sometimes only my neck strap management is enough. However, all interventions vary from patient to patient. So this process is planned as a boutique. The process is done for the person’s needs. Neck stretching is often performed in combination with facelift surgeries. It is corrected in sagging neck during lower face lifting operations. After the fats are removed, the muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed. Stitches usually melt spontaneously.

Stretching can be done by local or general anesthesia. It is an easy and painless application that lasts 30-60 minutes. It does not require hospitalization. A special bandage is applied under the chin. According to the procedure in 3-7 days can return to normal life.

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