Graft Procurement:

  • The average length of the nape hair should be 6-7. In this way, the area to be taken under the root of the hair to be removed can be shaved and prepared for coke intake.
  • 2-3 cm thickness of the selected area is shaved. In this way, the graft reception staff will see the angle and direction of grafts more easily and can remove grafts without damaging.
  • Grafts are taken from this area without leaving any traces.
  • In this way, a smaller amount of graft can be removed as the entire neck is smaller than the area obtained by shaving.
  • When the grafts are released again after the grafts are removed, the graft area is closed so that it cannot be seen from the outside.
  • This method is mostly used in women but is suitable for men with long hair.

Hair Transport:

  • There is no need to shorten the hair if the hair density is less than 15 cm2 / pcs. 5cm) will be suitable to shorten.
  • If the area to be made in October is temples and ten hair lines, there is no need for hair cut.