Aesthetic Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Nasal aesthetic surgery is perhaps the most difficult of plastic surgery (giving shape to bone structures) and the most important (in the middle of the face) operations are among the most important. There are basically 2 surgical philosophy in nasal surgeries. 1. is is a camouflage surgery. The camouflage is shaped with minimal changes in the surgical nasal bone and cartilage and less damage to the muscles and ligaments. In general, camouflage surgery is CLOSED nasal surgeries. Closed nose surgeries are mostly used for nasal surgery, which is the first time for nose surgery and requiring small manipulations.

By making incisions in the nose, shaping the nose and the structures that cause shortness of breath in the nose can be corrected. With this technique, the incision is made inside the nose and the incisions are stored.

In my opinion, surgery is a more difficult technique, but the results are more beautiful than the open technique.

Nasal bone and cartilages are shaped by the incision in the nose. This technique is more preferred in secondary nose operations that have previously undergone nasal surgery and which do not provide aesthetic and / or functional satisfaction. Bone structures can be performed in patients who are less amenable to closed nose surgery.

In my opinion, closed nose surgery can be performed in patients with closed rhinoplasty.

Preoperative Surgery with Patient
Your complaints about your nose and functionally (breathing-related) complaints and post-operative expectation are evaluated.

The nose of the nose is photographed from different angles and after surgery you will be shown the image of your new nose on the computer.

The preoperative and postoperative photographs of the patient’s noses, whom we have previously operated and obtained their consent, are shown.

Breathing status is evaluated with the help of the endoscopic device and intranasal structures are evaluated in detail. If necessary, tomography is taken to our patients.

Preparation for Operation Time

  • Aspirin and derivative drugs are stopped one week before the operation. (do not stop using the medicine that you use continuously without consulting your doctor)
  • It is recommended not to use cigarette for a period of time before and after surgery.
  • Ladies of that date, men, surgery has no problem.
  • On the day of operation, don’t wear make-up, use hair gel, wear comfortable clothing and leave your jewelry at home.
  • 6 hours before the operation, nothing should be eaten or smoked.
  • He should be in the hospital about an hour before the operation.

When you come to your reserved room, you will be given an oral medicine and this will relax you.

Surgical Technique
Our nasal surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Usually I prefer the closed rhinoplasty technique (there will be no scar at the nose). Nose-shaped structures (cartilage, bone, and soft tissue) are reshaped. When shaping these structures, the priority is the functional structure of the nose. During the operation, the nose is treated gently and the nose tip is reduced, the extreme height, the nose tip angle of the lip, the protruding area on the nose of the nose or the missing area, the curvature of the nose, the nose tip, the nostrils are corrected and an aesthetic appearance is provided. The structures of the nose that can cause difficulty in breathing (septum curvature and size of the nose) are intervened and corrected during the operation. In this way, our patients have both aesthetic nose and a nose that they can breathe easily. After the nose is as beautiful as possible and after the patient creates a functional nose that can breathe comfortably, we put special tapes on the nose. Thanks to the small holes in the structure, we put special splints on the plastic structure which do not leave the nasal skin airless and do not harm it. These special nasal splints are removed after 5-7 days.

Operation Time
What is more important than the duration of the operation is to make a nose that the patient can breathe beautifully and comfortably during the operation. For this reason, surgery is performed to bring a nice and comfortable breathing to the nose.

Recovery Time
Our patients are sometimes discharged from the hospital on the same day and sometimes on the same day. In order to prevent post-operative pain during surgery, our patients are given special masks to reduce the postoperative edema. In this way, pain, swelling and bruises are rarely seen.

It is important for a quick and symmetrical stroke of the bumps with your head elevated and your face looking to the ceiling when lying at least 10 days after the operation.

After the operation, the nasal bleeding is removed when the bumpers on the nose end are reduced (next day) for blood spills.

2 days after the operation, you can wash your hair at home as if washing your head at the hair salon.

Two different nasal sprays are given to tighten the nostrils (approximately one week and the other 4 weeks).

Two days after the operation, swelling and edema is the highest period (depending on the nature of the person and the technique applied) and then quickly dissolves.

On the 5th postoperative day, the plastic splints and bands on the nose are removed and your skin is tapered for a week with your skin by tape.

About 2 days after the operation, you can return to your work depending on the work you do if you do not touch the splint in your nose and protect your nose from traumas.

There is some numbness at the nose. This situation decreases in 2-3 months and completely improves.

Depending on your nose structure you will be shown how to do a nose massage.

After the operation, the glasses can be worn after 3 months and the lens can be worn after 3 months.

If the septum curvature and the size of the nosepiece are intervened in order to allow you to breathe more easily, you may have nasal obstruction after the operation.

After 2 weeks, you can start swimming after six weeks.

The final shape of the nose takes about 6 months-1 year.

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