Step by Step Operation Process


MicroFUE begins with hair transplantation planning. Areas where hair will be planted are marked. The approximate number of grafts is calculated for each area. (Graft: Basic structure with single, 2 or 3 hair follicles taken from behind the head and transplanted in hair transplantation)

The front hairline is designed and drawn according to your wishes and expectations. For a homogeneous and natural appearance, grafts containing a single hair follicle will be placed on this line evenly.

Local anesthesia:

The skin is anesthetized with anesthetic drugs first. Local anesthesia is made comfortably on the skin with reduced sensation. The effect of local anesthesia lasts 6-8 hours.

Implanter pen hair transplantation, depending on the number of grafts will last for 4-7 hours. When grafts are taken, you will be in supine or semi-sitting position when the grafts are sutured.

Short breaks can be given for meals and, if necessary, toilets. During the process, you can watch TV and listen to music.

Stages of implant hair implantation technique:

1- Grafts (micrografts) are taken from the donor sites behind the head (FUE)

2- Sequencing and counting of grafts simultaneously.

3- Placing the grafts to the implanted pen is done by the nurses.

4- The implantation of the graft with the implanted pen is done by the doctor.

In order for the method to be successful, technical details should be carefully and carefully applied.

1-Grafts taken from the donor site behind the head:

Grafts are taken by micromotor.
Hair follicles can be seen with eye microscopes.
First, grafts with 0.7 mm microts and 2-3 hairs are removed.
Then, grafts containing single hair are taken with thinner microfilms.
Since the opening holes for receiving hair follicles in the donor area are too small, they quickly heal and no trace is left.

2-Arranging and counting the grafts:

One person is grafting the grafts.
Under growth, grafts containing single, double or triple hair follicles are stacked and
They are counted.
Once the grafting is finished, the grafting and counting of the grafts is finished.
At this stage for a light meal and need 5-10 min. break

3-Opening of the holes where the grafts will be placed in the receiving area where the hair will be planted:

The roots taken by the FUE method are placed inside these pens by nurses. The doctor injects the skin by adjusting the depth, direction and angle of the pencils. Automatically retract the needle and the root remains under the skin. Since the thickness of the pencils is less than 1mm, it is possible to sow without any cuts and holes in the areas of beard and mustache between the dilated areas, beard and mustache areas without cutting the existing hair, if appropriate.

Normally, the hair on the front hair line grows 15-30 degrees forward. This angle increases towards the rear and the hair is raised vertically in the full hill area. At the back, the hair starts to go backwards. They reach 15 degrees downwards near the neck. The implanter pen is applied to these angles, ie in the direction appropriate to the hair removal direction of the area of ​​the hair.

4-Grafting of grafts:

The grafts should be placed in the right direction (hair root inside).
The grafts should be placed so that the outer surface (epidermis) is slightly upward relative to the outer surface of the sutured skin.
It is aimed that 100% of the hairs made in October will live and grow again.

For the survival of the grafts (catching in the field), it is absolutely necessary to keep the scalp (nutritional) of the scalp intact.

Grafts and sutured hair become part of the recipient site 6-8 months later. If necessary, new grafts can be safely placed between them to increase hair density.

Implanter pen application, as described above, due to the specialization and sensitivity in the technique, well-trained, experienced and should be applied by people with dexterity. Implanter Pen can be safely applied after gaining experience in FUT and FUE techniques.