bucket ear

Ear aesthetics surgery is mostly done to correct the condition of the ear. It is recommended that ear surgery should be performed before starting primary school. In order to prevent the child from being mocked by his / her friends and to be negatively affected from this situation, it is recommended that ear cartilage be completed around 5 years of age.

Bucket ear surgery can be performed easily at the ages if it is not done in childhood. While general anesthesia is preferred in children, local anesthesia is performed in adults. In the operation, the cartilage causing the deformity is reshaped. There is no visible mark on the back of the ear. Depending on the deformity and the technique applied, it is necessary to wear a headband.

Other than the ear of the ear, congenital or postoperative trauma and disease-related deformities are interfered with. Excessive expansion and tearing of the earring holes is also corrected by very simple local interventions.

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