Can medical treatment be used in hair loss?
Hair loss problem is a problem seen in both men and women. Factors that cause hair loss may vary slightly in men and women.

Hair loss, Hormonal or genetic factors, sadness, stress, skin diseases that occur in the scalp, nutritional disorders, iron deficiency, false hair care, seasonal changes, pollution, such as there are many reasons. Hair loss varies depending on the factors that reveal itself. Some of them are permanent and a partial is temporary.

Permanent hair loss is not replaced by new hair. Androgenic (male type) hair loss based on the effect of hormones or hereditary causes is permanent shedding. The treatment of this type of spillage is only hair transplantation.

In case of spills due to some diseases and nutrient deficiency, medical treatment is possible. Medical treatment is successful in the early period. Medical treatment after hair loss does not result.

Medical treatments used to prevent hair loss
Finasteride, which is approved by American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is an American and internationally recognized company, can stop androgenic hair loss when it is intervened in the early period.

The active ingredient Minoxidil, which stimulates the hair follicles and allows the hair to grow, is also used in the medicated treatment of hair loss.

It is a drug that prevents the loss of hair by stopping the activation of the enzyme that provides the conversion of testosterone hormone to the form of dihydrotestesterone which causes hair loss. Dihydrotestesterone hormone is a hormone that triggers male pattern hair loss.

Hair loss is one of the most widely used drugs. The drug is in tablet form and is taken orally. It is more effective in the early period when the spillage starts.

At the end of the five years of use of finasteride, hair growth increased or at least hair loss stopped in 90% of the patients.

It can be used as supportive treatment after hair transplantation. Finasteride is more effective in young patients who have just begun their hair loss and have started to thin and weakened.

It is recommended that the drug be used for at least one year to stop hair loss. Short-term use of less than one year, its effect is not permanent. When the drug is discontinued after a period of less than one year, the hair turns into an unhealthy condition.

The most important side effect of using finasteride is sexual dysfunction.

Finasteride can be used in male and female patients, but it is not correct for pregnant women to use this medicine as it causes birth anomaly.

FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved, applied to the scalp with the massage is a lotion-type medicine. 2% of women form and 5% of men are used. It was first used to control blood pressure and it was thought that it could be used in the treatment of hair loss after side effect seen in the body. The mechanism of action is not fully known. When the drug is used continuously, it slows the hair loss. When the use is discontinued, the hair is restored within 3 months. When used in combination with finasteride, a stronger positive effect occurs.

It can be used once or twice a day according to the intensity of spillage. The use of hair loss in the area of ​​hair directly to the hair is in the form of spraying. It is produced in the form of lotion and foam. After spraying, it is applied to the scalp with fingertips. After the massage, the hands should be washed well and the medicine or medicine should be very careful not to contact the hands with the eye. The effect of the drug in 4-6 months.

The side effects of the drug are itching and redness in the applied area. In such cases, the use of the drug is interrupted for a while.

Other methods
Apart from the known preparations, physicians may recommend shampoos, lotions or herbal products with different components other than hair transplantation and medicated treatments. Another method used in the treatment of hair loss is the mesotherapy which is made by injecting the nutrients needed by the hair directly into the skin layer where the hair follicles are located. Laser applications against hair loss are also used. The time of treatment should be well established in order to obtain successful results regardless of which treatment method is preferred.

Herbal Treatment Methods
Plants are used in the treatment of many diseases as well as in the treatment of hair loss. Oils known as hair loss are common oils of vegetable origin such as almond oil, olive oil and sesame oil. These products keep the hair alive by feeding. However, some chemicals such as jelly, cream, hair stylers and hair dyes can damage the hair.

What is hair mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy can be defined as a complementary and alternative treatment which is applied as a drug injection in the mesoderm-derived layer of the skin. Mesotherapy is also used in the treatment of disorders such as facial rejuvenation and cellulite besides hair loss. For each treatment, mesotherapy preparations consisting of a mixture of different chemicals are prepared.

Hair mesotherapy of minerals, vitamins, certain antioxidants and protein nutrients such as fine-tip, disposable sterile mesotherapy needles with the help of the hair layer of the middle layer of the skin is given to the process of hair mesotherapy. With this method, the nutrients are directly transferred to the hair follicles. This method is applied easily to prevent hair loss by ensuring good nutrition of the hair cells.

The application can be done manually or with the help of computer aided devices. The use of computerized devices for better distribution of the given drug to each region gives better results. 2-4 mm needles are used in the application. With this application, all the nutrients that the hair cells need are easily applied to the scalp. It does not require a surgical procedure, it is considered as painless, painless method.

How is hair mesotherapy performed?

Since hair loss is a common problem, different methods are being developed every day for treatment. Hair transplantation, laser technique and many different treatment methods are used. One of the treatment methods used to prevent hair loss and ensure the health of the hair is the method of Hair Mesotherapy. By stimulating mesoderm with Hair Mesotherapy, the complaints of spillage are greatly reduced. Before the hair mesotherapy, after a special massage to the scalp, the skin is softened with the thermotherapy applied (steam application) and ready for application. In the application of hair mesotherapy, the chemical mixture to be injected is specially prepared according to the structure of the hair, the shape and density of the spill and the rate of wear. These mixtures include blood circulation enhancers, vitamins, various trace elements. The prepared mixture is delivered to the middle skin layer by a micro injector with sterile mesotherapy needles. Mesotherapy is done by hand or mesotherapy guns. However, it is quite difficult and time consuming to adjust the dose of the drug during the application and to make the application evenly on the scalp surface. The dose of the injected drug can be monitored on the computer screen. After application, the hair should not be washed for a certain period of time and no chemicals should be applied to the hair.

Hair mesotherapy sessions
Hair Mesotherapy is usually done in 10 sessions. Each session takes 15-30 minutes. However, the number of sessions to be applied is decided by analyzing the hair structure of the people.

In the analyzes, it is decided that the number and intervals of treatment sessions will be taken into consideration by taking into account the age of the patient, the wear rate of the hair, the rate of shedding and the structure of the hair strand.

In general, Hair Mesotherapy is applied in 10 sessions. The sessions are 10-15 minutes for men and shorter for women. The mesotherapy session is 30 minutes for women. After the first four sessions are performed as an application, the other sessions are performed every 15 days. Once all the sessions are completed, once a month, reinforcement sessions can be performed to support the treatment.

The effect of hair mesotherapy on hair
Since the hair follicles in the middle skin layer are stimulated by hair mesotherapy, the complaints of shedding can be reduced or completely stopped.

Nourishes the hair cells. Since hair nutrients needed by hair mesotherapy are given directly to the roots, hair loss is stopped significantly.
Makes the hair more healthy and vivid.
Hair loss is not just shedding. Hair loss, hair loss, rupture, density and loss of volume in the form of hair loss may occur. Hair mesotherapy with thickening, vitality, fullness occurs.
With the hair mesotherapy, it is possible to rejuvenate the cells and hair, since the nutrients needed by the hair cells are given directly to the hair follicles.

What is the duration of hair mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy provides a longer-lasting improvement in the hair than external treatments. The effect of hair mesotherapy varies depending on the causes of the spill, the shape and intensity of the spill. This effect usually ranges from three to four years. After three to four years the application can be repeated.

Who can apply hair mesotherapy?
Hair Mesotherapy can be done to men and women of all ages with hair loss problems. Hair Mesotherapy can be performed easily in small age groups because of its painless and painless application.

Chemicals used in hair mesotherapy
The main components used in hair mesotherapy are:

Some vitamins and minerals and stimulants: dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5), Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, multivitamins, vitamin B5, Vitamin H (vitamin B7) cobalt, copper, sulfur, magnesium, ginkgo biloba, minoxidil
Vein expanders: peridil heparin and buflomedil
organic silicon, lidocaine
Drugs for local anesthesia
In hair mesotherapy, additional chemicals can be used by taking into consideration the needs of the person.

Is hair mesotherapy a painful practice?
Hair Mesotherapy is known as a painless and painless application. Patients do not suffer because very thin needles are used in practice.

What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?
It can be applied locally to the scalp. Therefore, the application may be limited to areas or areas where hair loss occurs.
The nutrients needed by the hair cells are injected directly into the skin layer where the hair follicles are located.
The treatment is effective in a short time.
Makes the hair more intense, vibrant and shiny.
Apart from the given chemicals, the application has no side effects.
The cost is low.
The success rate of the application is high.
The duration of the sessions is short.
The application is relatively easy, effortless, painless and painless.

Treatment methods in addition to the treatment of hair mesotherapy
During the application, the patients can be combined with additional treatment methods depending on their condition. Examples of these methods are; hair laser and radio frequency methods can be given. After the application, the drug treatment method can be used.

Is hair mesotherapy a treatment that results in success?
There are no side effects of the drugs used in Hair Mesotherapy except for the side effects of each drug as much as possible. The chemicals given are mostly limited to nutrients. Hence, hair mesotherapy is a treatment with high success rates. As it stops hair loss, it also gives hair density and vitality.

Laser therapy
Medicine shows a rapid course of development. Laser techniques are used in many treatments. Recently, laser treatment, hair rejuvenation and hair loss have been used widely in the treatment.

Hair loss, mesotherapy and many different treatment methods are used in hair loss. Laser treatment is one of them. Laser treatment is a painless and painless treatment that does not require surgical operation to stop hair loss.

Laser treatment for hair rejuvenation
Hair over time. Alcohol and cigarette smoking are the leading factors that affect hair health negatively. In addition, environmental factors such as air pollution, chemical products used, incorrect shampoo use, improper care techniques, sadness, stress, various defects, malnutrition can also cause hair loss; environmental factors also cause hair to wear.

As a result of health deterioration, the hair loses its brightness and creates a neglected appearance. Hair care products, especially preferred by women, cannot provide meat that will reinforce their hair roots. Recently, laser therapy is one of the most commonly used methods to reinforce the hair follicles. In laser treatment, diode rays are applied to hair at low dose and periodically. Laser therapy stimulates protein synthesis and cell metabolism of hair cells. This application also increases blood flow. After this treatment, the hair begins to regain its health and the hairs that are thinner begin to regenerate.

Pain and pain are not felt and there are no side effects. Patients feel good. During treatment, people can read books and newspapers. Laser treatment according to the hair structure of people leads to new hair formation in 40% -50%. It is accepted that laser treatment also stimulates the hair pigments and therefore reduces the whitening of the hair.

Who can make laser treatment against hair loss?
The incidence of hair loss due to environmental factors such as stress, various defects and nutritional disorders is increasing every day. Recently, hair thinning and hair loss in women has been a common discomfort.

However, in men, depending on the genetic factors and the upper part of the head and the spill in the forehead is seen throughout the head in women. Laser treatment is a treatment that has been successfully applied in both men and women in the treatment of spills due to environmental factors such as symptoms and nutritional disorders. In laser treatment, hair follicles are stimulated directly by diode rays and hair organ growth is increased by increasing the organelles activity. Treatment begins with the area where hair is lost first. Laser treatment can be combined with hair transplantation. With laser treatment, the hair follicles are stimulated and after hair transplantation, better results can be obtained.

How long will laser treatment be effective?
It is possible to get healthy hair with Laser Treatment in a short time. The effect of the treatment begins to be fully seen in 3 months and can last for three to four years.

What is the difference between hair transplantation and laser treatment?
Hair transplantation is the most commonly used aesthetic intervention by men. Hair transplantation is also used in the treatment of certain diseases, burns, facial lifts and various physical causes.

Hair loss caused by hormonal and hereditary reasons, with significant openings in the upper part and forehead of the head and not being able to reappear, requires hair transplantation. Laser treatment is preferred for hair transplantation in people who do not have wide openings. Since the thin and weak hair with the laser method will thicken and become vivid, partial spills that are not localized in certain places can be closed easily. Hair follicles that cannot produce hair with this treatment regain their health and gain a productive structure. On the other hand, a single hair follicle that produces hair with laser treatment begins to produce more hair.

Laser Therapy makes your hair fuller, more vibrant, and brighter. Partial spills that are not localized in certain parts of the head can be treated quickly and effectively with this treatment method.

Will the pain be heard during the laser method?
There is no pain in the treatment by Laser Method or any pain is not experienced. Laser treatment is painless and painless. Due to this feature, people prefer more laser treatment than other treatment methods.

The Laser Treatment method also stimulates the color pigments in the hair, thus ensuring their proper functioning and reducing the whitening of the hair. This feature is advantageous compared to other treatment methods of Laser Method.

With laser treatment, tattoo wiping, hair removal, capillary treatment, treatment and nail fungus treatment can also be done.