What is vaser Liposuction Technique and what is done?
Vaser liposuction (fat removal) with the help of ultrasound energy allows the melting of the liquid and liquid. With ultrasonic energy, the vein and nerve structures are less worn by giving energy at certain wavelengths. Thus, less pain and problems are encountered after the surgery. The Vaser liposuction gently dissolves the oils and provides a smooth and aesthetic transition in the area where the oils are taken. In America, tens of thousands of patients are increasingly in demand for this technique. In addition, oils taken by Vaser liposuction can be used for oil injection. Thus, the oils taken can be injected into various areas such as buttocks, cheeks or lips. Because the injected fat tissue is viable and rich in stem cells, it is more likely to live in the injected region.

Vaser liposuction can be given to the body with the desired body shape. With this feature, 6 pads in the abdomen (six pack) by giving shapes such as a muscular appearance can be provided. This method is definitely not a method of attenuation. This method can be taken with dietary and exercise fat tissues. The fat in the back and in the abdomen cannot be effectively removed without a scar on your body.

Vaser Liposuction Process
This technique is applied on the abdomen, back, groin and waist, shoulder-arms and legs. The aesthetic and muscular body forms of the man and women are taken to the orgasm with the muscles of the chest area, and the ass is more pronounced in women.

In the oily areas we want to take, both deep and superficial liposuction is possible thanks to ultrasound technology (VASER). While very superficial work in the classical degreasing method has undesirable bad results, this method, on the contrary, results in successful results or even aesthetic shapes. It is possible to perform meticulously on the projections of the muscles by providing superficial work. The fats can be injected to form a breast muscle in men, or the females are back-thinned with oils from the back and injected into the butt in these fats. Thus, BRAZIL POPOSU, which is described in the world as a recently popular aesthetic hip-shaped work can be created with meticulous.

Because the ultrasonic method allows the viability of the fat cells and the application of these forms to the weaker ones, we want the fat cells needed and the muscles to become more prominent. In women, the waist is thinned and transferred to the butt, and fullness can be increased to a more sporty and fit appearance). Patients who are suitable for this procedure are generally patients with a good body fat content of 10-15%.

Vaser Liposuction Pre-operation Period
The muscle structures of the patient before the procedure are marked after examination. These regions are important for deciding the amount of fat to be taken for the region after the muscle regions are marked. Operation area should be shaved. Special corsets will be worn after the operation.

What is the duration of the operation?
This period lasts 3 hours depending on whether the resistant fat regions are taken and given enough shape. During the operation of the body without damaging the muscle structures are removed by taking the desired shape is given. Patients who do not have abdominal muscles (you pack) will have the desired shape after Vaser liposuction when they are on the operating table.

What is the next process of operation?
Special corsets are worn to protect the continuity of the special shape given to your body after the process. This special corset should be worn for 2-3 weeks. After the operation, the pain is scarce and the pain is already given to you and pain is minimized. 10 days after the procedure, we start our sports and private training. In addition, cellulite treatment can be done with Vaser Liposuction. Thus, smooth legs can be formed in our female patients. After surgery, the patient is advised to massage the areas of liposuction.

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