What is FUE Technique?

Hair transplantation operations from the first day until the present showed that the fue method thanks to the hair transplantation with the most guaranteed today, with the least level of pain and surgery has become possible without the possibility of hair transplantation.

Thanks to the fue method in hair transplantation, the problem of hairlessness has disappeared. Whatever the reason for hair loss, this problem is completely eliminated by hair transplantation with the fue method.

We use micro fue technique in hair transplantation with fue method as real hair center hair transplantation center and thus we can make sure that every hair follicle that is healthy can be taken without being damaged and prepared for planting.

Fue technique is a miraculous meaning and importance for hair transplantation.

Many hair transplantation center with fue method between 3000-4000 graft hair root intake and cultivation can be used as Real Hair Center with the micro fue technique we use 6500 health hair follicles in a single session and we can do the cultivation.

Fue and Fut hair transplantation methods most commonly used by the Fue method of hair transplantation. The hair transplantation with the Fut method is almost never used anymore.

Hair transplantation with Fue method has many advantages. The main advantages of hair transplantation with Fue method are;

It allows for more hair follicles.
Pain level is at the lowest level.
The rate of recovery is very high.
The risk of infection is almost zero.
The cost is suitable for all sectors due to the appropriate.
It does not require hospitalization because there is no surgical procedure like surgery.
Women or Men does not require different applications.
Not only hair transplantation, beard cultivation, mustache cultivation, eyebrow transplantation, surgery in the head of the scars or burns as a result of the application offers the possibility of baldness.
If necessary, second and third sessions allow for hair transplantation.
Most importantly, it offers personalized facilities.
Whatever the hair problem, the solution can be solved by hair transplantation by fue method.