What is Implanter Pen?

In the conventional sowing method, holes are drilled through a knife or a needle and the roots are placed in the holes (channels) through special tweezers. In this method, the channels will have to be opened in order to place the roots. This leaves a mark that can be seen by looking at the bottom of the hair after the recovery period. This situation causes the appearance of crops in the natural image distortion. Therefore, we use pencil sowing technique which is more modern in our clinic and enables us to achieve natural results. The roots taken by the FUE method are placed inside these pens by nurses. The doctor injects the skin by adjusting the depth, direction and angle of the pencils. Automatically retract the needle and the root remains under the skin. Since the thickness of the pencils is less than 1mm, it is possible to sow without any cuts and holes in the beard and mustache areas between the dilated areas and the areas of beard and mustache without cutting the existing hair.