What is the Lateral Slit method?

It is the process of directing the channels according to the size and shape of the graft.

The direction of the canals opened in this planting method is more intense and more natural in the hairs that appear to be closest to nature. Before each procedure, sowing is performed with special scalpels based on the patient’s graft thickness.

The thickness of the hair and grafts is examined and according to the planned surgery, the scalpels where the channels will be opened are prepared specifically. Thanks to the special blades used, it is possible to plant according to the natural direction of hair.

The channels opened with these scalpels are difficult to determine according to the root length of the grafts, and there is a risk that a non-experienced specialist will have deep grooving and damage to the fine vessels.

As the dimensions of the grafts and the duct dimensions may not be the same, the result of the procedure may be a pit or a bulging appearance.

Depending on the diameter of the channels, the grafts are more likely to print together. It is not a suitable method for sowing too often.