Women Hairtransplant

In women, the sowing of the sheet is the same as the application of male sheet in different techniques.

In women, it is important to first determine the type of tissue and determine the tissue.

For women who have male medicine, fabrication of sheet metal is the right choice.

In general, women who have a retrieval of the forehead or a small area of ​​tissue are more successful.

to be taken from the area of ​​the nape between the two plates of the ear to be taken into this area until the expansion of the wide tissue (allopia totalis) in cases where the grafts are not to be taken to be suitable for the cultivation process.

the availability of the operation can be decided by the physician either by looking at the patient’s pictures or during an examination.

In the area of ​​the nape, the plates are removed, the gaps are taken from these areas, the grafts are removed. When the plates are released, the reception zones cannot be seen from outside, so that the patient can easily be recalled daily.

Women with dilution in the sheet with this method can not easily notice the kımseye kulan can not be taken.

In what cases can women be transplanted?
1- male type balancing
2- regional balancing
3- wound-on-crack